Good Packaging Sells!!!

Good Packaging Sells

Packaging is a an essential leverage tool in the sales arsenal of all retailers

Good packaging helps sell good products – FACT

Exceptional packaging helps sell poor products, however poor or NO packaging might result in no sale!

It really is that simple, and no more so than at Christmas time.  Take for example if you’re buying an expensive gift for someone special, you have decided that within reason money isn’t too much of an issue, and the snob in you has really taken hold.  You want the recipient and anyone else who see’s the gift to know just how much it cost, and nothing says this better than a well known and respected designer brand, so much so that the actual product itself is starting to take a bit of a back seat.  From here on in, its all about the brand and its image of expense and opulence.

You take a little time to think of an item that your intended will appreciate, then it’s off to the shops.  For this example, we’re buying a bag, no ordinary bag, this bag is going to be more a lifestyle purchase, a religion some people might say.  Either way its more than just useful aid to carry stuff around.  The stores that will sell the type of bag you have in mind aren’t too common, so straight away the headache of going from one store to another has been significantly lessened.  First store, has a few you think will fit the bill, but nothing that strikes you, so off to the next one – BINGO, now we’re in business, their are several here that are contenders.  But you bide your time and go to a few more, at this stage you have narrowed it down to 2 stores, both have great bags and the prices are very similar.  From this point it’s all up to you, which bag / brand will it be? Right i’m going to buy a Radley bag, these babies are ideally suited to your lucky recipient.

But wait, you suddenly recall walking past an actual Radley store in the shopping centre earlier, their bound to have a much larger selection there!  So off you dash to your new favourite store, one that you actually hadn’t ever seen here before despite it being there for the past 10 years!  But hey ho, you’re not a bag person, it’s understandable that you’ve never noticed it before.  You enter the store, it looks amazing, cool displays, designer furniture, attentive staff, and LOTS and LOTS of bags!!! The way the store looks from the outside is probably the reason you have never consciously acknowledged it before, it just looks too expensive, too upmarket for the average person to shop in.  However, that was until about 10 minutes ago when you saw a bag from this shop in a department store and realised, actually the prices in here aren’t that expensive.

The branding of the company has been successfully implemented and has transferred this look, feel and ora of its high end brand into their store.

From here on in it’s now just a matter of finding the right bag, the bag that’s really going to impress the lucky recipient. But its so hard, both stores have great bags at very similar prices, though admittedly the ones in the Radley store are priced a little higher than in the department store, though not by much.  Right, its decision time… you choose the department store, main reason being personal preference to their collection of bags and as a bonus its a little cheaper there too.  The sales assistant comes over and you show them the bag you have chosen, GREAT CHOICE she says!!! Then over you go to the sales desk to purchase the bag.

But wait, no this can’t be right… This bag costs over £100 and the sales assistant starts to put your new prize possession into one of the department stores own generic bags!!! Surely a bag from this well known and respected design house should come in its own branded bag, not just any old bag! You look up and ask the sales assistant if their is a special Radley presentation box or bag to accompany it? No is the response, but we can put it in one of our own presentation boxes.  You lift one eyebrow, screw your mouth a little, and then say to the sales assistant “actually, I think i’m going to try elsewhere” the elsewhere being the actual RADLEY store  just a few doors away.

Yes they’re about £20-£30 more expensive here, and no they don’t have the exact same bag you really wanted. BUT you know they are going to go to town on the packaging, and boy do they do just that!!!  Fabulously posh presentation box? CHECK, complete with ribbon and bow might I add, well it is Christmas afterall.  Massively flamboyant glossy branded bag? CHECK.  Well now I am one happy shopper, and the lucky person receiving this gift is also going to be knocked sideways when they see it.

I am a big believer in the fact that the pleasure of a gift starts the very second it is placed in your hands, the look of the outer packaging, the removal of the outer lid or sleeve, the peeling back of the tissue paper.  Even before you get to handle the actual gift, all these aspects are designed to lead up to the main event, finally resulting in a crescendo of emotion and joy.  All of the above ingredients is what makes for equal joy in the giving and the receiving of a gift, and yes I did eventually end up having to pay an extra £30 for some ribbon, a bow, and an elaborate carrier bag, all of which probably cost the store about 60 pence.  But it was all worth it on Christmas morning!  Plus it’s also ironic that it was the lack of these simple presentational items from the department store that resulted in them losing out on a sale worth of over £100, despite them probably spending a similar fee of around 60 pence on their own generic, and uninspired branded presentation box!

 Do you agree or disagree that packaging is crucial in marketing of a product?


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