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Finally, the new Storm Studios blog theme gets final approval

Well after endless hours of searching for a suitable blog theme and then trying to modify it to be more in-keeping with the Storm Studios “ethos” we have finally found a suitable carrier, and would you Adam and Eve it, it didn’t need (well hardly) any modifications at all.  We absolutely love it!!! Well either that or we got so tired of searching we finally settled for the closest match.  Either way, THIS IS IT, the Brand New Storm Studios blog.

We truly hope you will find our blog to be a great resource area for everything thats cool, quirky and ultimately of great value to all that strive to drain every last drop of creativity out of their skill set.  The main aim of the Storm Studios blog will be to provide an equal balance of graphic and web design essentials mixed together with the very latest social media marketing and sharing tools to help ensure you get to showcase your work, business and services to the world.

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