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Storm Studios set their new Google+ company page live

Storm go, go, go Google+

Yesterday it was the launch of the new Storm Studios blog, today we launch our Google+ page

Like all initial posts on a new platform, their is soooo much you want to say that you end up just saying “Hi”

As new as Google+ is, we at Storm Studios felt it was vitally important to create our own Google+ company page, secure the Storm Studios username and enter into this new social platform.  Everyone right now is asking the same question

“will Google+ beat Facebook?”

The answer to this question as yet remains impossible to answer with any degree of authority, and where it will take us remains to seen. We personally think that Google+ will take the lead amongst the social platforms in terms of how customers find and interact with company’s on the internet, with Facebook retaining its crown in the social arena in terms of the preferred social media tool when it comes to personal communication between their friends and families etc.  I mean for Google+ to take over from Facebook would mean that all 850 million users swhich over to Google+, and we honestly don’t think this will happen!!!

So where does this leave us in our decision making process as between Google+ and Facebook?  Probably still undecided! But all we can say right now is, if your company or brand doesn’t have an official Google+ page yet, now is the time to snap one up!!! Even if you don’t plan on using it immediately, we strongly recommend that you secure your company username! and at the very least place +1 button on your web site right now!

Why not check out our Brand New Google+ company page, it’s still a work in progress but it’s worth a look, plus whilst you’re there, why not add us to your Google Circle. Just click the icon below and the wonders of the internet will escort you there


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